Review: SmartTiles Puts whole home SmartThings dashboard on Your tablet

part of the huge attraction of Samsung’s SmartThings system is its capability to work with an extensive variety of hardware. But the more set linked to your system, the more cluttered as well as inefficient the app can feel.


SmartTiles is a a web client for SmartThings that started out life as an open source job called action Dashboard.

Now closed-source, it provides an interesting method for ST’s owners to control their home.

With just a few clicks on your smartphone, SmartTiles produces an incredibly expert looking (Windows Phone stylie) manage panel for your home.

Once the SmartTiles wise app is installed as well as configuration on your SmartThings system (that’s a great deal of wise stuff) you can copy the special URL as well as save this to your phone’s house screen.

When you introduce it in Safari on iOS or Chrome on an Android gadget the dashboard introduces as a full screen native app (without tool bars). Paste it into your desktop browser as well as you’ve got manage from your laptop too. There are a a number of built-in themes to select from as well as you can utilize your own custom CSS if you prefer.

What Can You Control?

You can manage your entire configuration from the dash, dim your lights, set your thermostat, manage your locks, even your Sonos. In addition you can view info like the existence of your household members in addition to extra sensor information like the battery condition of all your devices.

Event History

You can view your cctv cameras too. The system natively supports Nest / Dropcam and we were able to add our Lilin LR7424 utilizing the MJPEG choice with this URL


SmartTiles enables you to create tiles to link to other website (local news perhaps) in addition to links to other dashboards. You can change the size of tiles and show the ‘mode’ the home is in (Home, Away etc).

Currently theres no method to provide a individuals of the official SmartThings app a subset of devices to control. however with SmartTiles you can provide each kid (for example) a dashboard that allows them to manage lights in their own room, however not their siblings #PeaceKeepingTech.

You can likewise produce tiles to introduce other apps on iOS, you can jump to the Sonos app for example utilizing this URL.


iOS9 now has that handy back link on the top left of the screen that takes you from the app back your SmartTiles panel.

Wall Mounted Examples

What will excite many people most about SmartTiles is the choice of utilizing it as a wall mounted controller. decent inexpensive Android tablets are plentiful as well as providing you can find some appropriate wall installing hardware as well as get power to it for charging, you can produce a wall-mounted whole-house dashboard control panel. right here are some examples from SmartThings forum members bbadalucco, Varun_Patel, erocm1231 as well as Macadoodle.


The designers say the system runs completely in Samsung’s Cloud as well as has no dependency on any type of third celebration services. In addition they state no individual data leaves the SmartThings Cloud as well as the dashboard is transmitted utilizing SSL. For additional security you can remove the access token from your dashboard URL as well as go into your SmartThings account details each time you utilize it, as well as you can revoke gain access to at any type of time too.


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Por sua simplicidade de configuração e uma interface do usuário de ótima aparência, o Smarttiles recebe nosso voto. É gratuito para utilizar pessoal (certifique -se de doar se você gosta), tornando -o um acéfalo em geral. Portanto, se você tiver um sistema SmartThings, não ande e a configure agora. mais postagens inteligentes

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