9 ways To breathe Life into Your home With Botanicals

Plants and florals supply an organic element to a space, quickly livening it up. While fresh-cut flowers and towering indoor trees will always be in style, we’re sharing ideas to display greenery in new and fun ways. find nine freshly-picked ideas below.

Replace common rustic wooden planters with wall-mounted black boxes in the kitchen. Their sleek lines balance out the organic forms of the herbs. must you tire of the plants, the wall boxes can be repurposed to hold bottles or jars.

Source: Purple ID

Have some fun with your vases! A kitschy vase, like this deer one, brightens up the simplest of bouquets.

Photographer: Janis Nicolay

Source: house & home may 2017

A singular branch or bloom shines in a globular glass vase, making it best for maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

Source: Heimelig

Place dried leaves on an angle in frames and layer them up to create an interesting nook of botanicals.

Photographer: Alanna Jones Mann

Source: Alanna Jones Mann

Make your bouquets and arrangements last longer with a diy display of dried flowers. For a modern look, press blooms between glass in a basic frame. For a romantic look, hang sweet bundles of stemmed florals.

Photographer: Donna Griffith

Source: house & home February 2016

Designer: Margot Austin and Jennifer Koper

Get the plant pots off the window sill or kitchen table and bring the outdoors in with a pretty wall trellis.

Source: vintage Revivals

Almost anything in your home can become a plant pot. Here, designer Jennifer Scott repurposed vintage tin and hung it from the shower room ceiling for a fun design moment.

Photographer: Tracey Ayton

Source: house & home June 2017

Designer: Jennifer Scott, A good Chick to Know

Bulbs have stunning root systems, so show them off! place spring bulbs in clear vessels — from water glasses to punch bowls — and let the magic unfold.

Photographer: Virginia Macdonald

Source: house & home may 2017

Designer: Morgan Michener and Stacey Smithers

Elevate your indoor plants — we love fiddle leaf figs and olive trees — with a base layer of smaller blooms and moss.

Photographer: Virginia Macdonald

Source: house & home may 2017

Designer: Morgan Michener and Stacey Smithers

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